No Limit 96 (Vice Sity pt1)

from by Jon-Oh?!

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If you were at least a teen in the 96-98 era and you didn’t own at least one No Limit album then you didn’t listen to hiphop. When Biggie and Pac died, the opportunity was there for somebody to take the reigns and Master P seemed to be right.


dope game, im bout it
coke game, yep, im bout it bouit
pimp game, i'm bout it
good game, yep, i'm bout it, bout it x2

verse 1:
trunk full of cocaina
street sweeper riding with tameka
17 south trying to get back to them geekers
jon oh banging thru the speakers
super power potent reefer
i got 20 lbs of keisha sweet jesus have you seen her
50 bands on the visa
100 grams on the beam
arm & hammer on the counter and it come in by the liter
james island stay wildin
highsiding while the money piling
whites say that charleston friendly, negus say that chas. violent
they on a stroll, bout to roll, betta stay in pocket
going hard like Alabama baby, tide riding
yeah baby,people crazy in the city that I'm from
everybody acting like the only n*gga wit a gun
see ya try to give em peace but baby they don't want none
preacher keep on talking Jesus but they don't believe in Him x2


verse 2
i was choosen, mouthpiece frozen, my 1st words was yo b*tch
my mama slap, daddy dap me, so I grabbed on my d*ck
swagger waddle to my stroller, throw my bottle to my mouth
some years pass, still showing ass, its going down in the south!
side of charleston, james island, make a name for yourself
rub elbows, slang elbows, game not told but its dealt
so i'm stuck on stupid when i'm moving you can hear paper drop
that's an entendre on entendre boy i cold as O-block
in january hella scary cause they just seen the op
right now thats charleston cause they starving and this b*tch hella hot
and everyday one get drop
that sh*t sound sad but it's true
and I don't laugh or make no fun cause it'll be sad when its you
get on or get on thru
this sh*t too real for TV
National Geographic Violence, Heavy Drug activity
I can take what they give to me
cause the game is my pappy
i been down, i stay down, i deep rooted, i nappy, RIP

chorus till song ends


from Your Favorite Black Guy Album Sampler via BandCamp, track released August 20, 2015



all rights reserved


Jon-Oh?! Charleston, South Carolina

Who is “Jon Oh!”? That’s the question plaguing the underground circuits right now. If you’ve done a little research then you know he’s a very zealous hip hop newbie with a skill set that ranges from backpacking to storytelling; all woven into a melodic yet sporadic type flow, and his eccentricity has
been penetrating the game, “No Condom” style.
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