Almost Got Away With It

by Jon-Oh?!

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A song about that one ex-spouse that u wanna kill if you could. Everyone can Relate


Verse 1:
I Used To Love This B#tch right, really adore her
now when i see her my 1st thought is ignore her she annoys me
promiscuous girl flirted with the boysies
i payed it no attention i was thinking bout financials
rubbing elbows with the rich and getting good credentials
and getting in her mentals was simple
easy as pie
but getting out that b!tch is what still keep me up at night
in my bronco black gloves and a bloody knife
i used to love her and she loved me(3X)
i used to love that b!tch(2X)
Verse 2:
i used to love the b!tch
smile everytime i see her
now i cry like i caught gonorrhea
in my eye
something said kill the b!tch the 1st time she said hi
naw what i do let my heart speak for me
knowing thats the worst sign of weakness ya dummy
and little did i know the b!tch had a scheme before me
ulterior motive with a big dream before me
thinking like a pimp step ahead trying to hoe me
and thats why i had to send her to the sky homie
little s and m b!tch with a whip i toby hell naw
i'm telling you the tales of a widower
i'm telling you the tales of a widooowwweerrr
i'm telling you the tales
i used to love that b!tch i'm telling you
(singing until song over)


released June 12, 2013



all rights reserved


Jon-Oh?! Charleston, South Carolina

Who is “Jon Oh!”? That’s the question plaguing the underground circuits right now. If you’ve done a little research then you know he’s a very zealous hip hop newbie with a skill set that ranges from backpacking to storytelling; all woven into a melodic yet sporadic type flow, and his eccentricity has
been penetrating the game, “No Condom” style.
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