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"Saw whats been happening in the world, stressin for weeks
this what came out when I tried to speak"


we're marching to zion (x2)

then chris beat rihanna
i woke up out my slumber
they just burned another church
when it happen in yo backyard it really jurts
remember wanza card game talkinf facing blunts
wish i saw him twice before he died instead of once
he was just trying to get his shyt write
the media tryin to make blacks kill whites
but that ain't in my demeanor thats the evil they trying to channel
throw the tv out the window vkk changing the channel
cause it's just the same all over
lover being high suicidal when i sober
attempt after attempt but God don't wan t me yet
he say he got a purpose for me
roll a blunt drake voice we gone see
the bible what we ned to read
king james version
its in black and white they painted him a white person
i aint even no religious n*gga
sh*t i cant even stop using the word n*gga
but it ain't hard to be righteous
and when they take the flag down i still wont be excited
I stilll wan my fort acres and a mule dog
i go so hard
watch my mama break her back for so long
she can tell you bout the bible every damn psalm
and still got this white man right man complex
FVKK man i gettin out of context


from Your Favorite Black Guy Album Sampler via BandCamp, track released July 10, 2015
Jon Oh Brougham
Loopy Luke



all rights reserved


Jon-Oh?! Charleston, South Carolina

Who is “Jon Oh!”? That’s the question plaguing the underground circuits right now. If you’ve done a little research then you know he’s a very zealous hip hop newbie with a skill set that ranges from backpacking to storytelling; all woven into a melodic yet sporadic type flow, and his eccentricity has
been penetrating the game, “No Condom” style.
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