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With the summer coming to a sad close, I think we all can say it will truly be missed. From having much needed time off from school, work, or both. To the fact that you don't have to bundle up before you go outside to warm up your car before starting your day. Yes the cold & glum days are on the horizon, but never fret. Your Favorite Black Guy Jon Oh! has come up with a way to keep those summer vibes alive!


verse 1:
well i walked into work with my ski-mask on
told my boss fvkk you then i got my blast on
took out my co-workers 2 by 2
as i watch the brains drip like snot on they shoes
then i ran through the back door fast and quick
the dishwasher chilling bout to take a hit
he looked at me
i looked at him
he gave me a handshake then ask for a ten
i said maybe later boy im on the go
he said you ain't gotta tell me cuz i heard it thru the door
i left out the part where i cleaned out the safe
bout to go and spend all the money that i make
bout to shake and bake
you won't believe this trab
a honky tonk sporting a conferate flag
i said whats up fag
he said fvkk you nigger
from my waist to his face then i pulled the trigger

American Psycho (Repeat 8X)

Verse 2:
well i wake up in the morning with the bloodlust
can't wait till nightfall for the brainbust
ice pick cock back hard thrust
watch the brains ooze like red puss
and idgaf about color race gender
you can be rachel dolezal or caitlyn jenner
it wont stop me from putting fingers in the blender
head in the freezer, body in incinerator
my refrigerator
full of rump roast
pour a blood mary made of blood from mary, toast
we live like kings, as above so below
alister crowley, degree 34
type flow


from Your Favorite Black Guy Album Sampler via BandCamp, released September 17, 2015
Produced by MokeGod



all rights reserved


Jon-Oh?! Charleston, South Carolina

Who is “Jon Oh!”? That’s the question plaguing the underground circuits right now. If you’ve done a little research then you know he’s a very zealous hip hop newbie with a skill set that ranges from backpacking to storytelling; all woven into a melodic yet sporadic type flow, and his eccentricity has
been penetrating the game, “No Condom” style.
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