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I'm an avid jazz listener. I really love the free-improvisation stuff. Shows you how much talent these guys really have to be able to wing it like that. WTBS I just couldn't pass this beat up, lol!


backyard boogie pass the smokes
need much room back up loc
hit it two times then pass it back
now i feeling right watching paper stack

verse 1
I remember being young
looking out the window
wishing i could be an older nigga on the indo
sag my pants and drink an Old E
fugg good grades wanna be an OG
my mama told me u just like ya papi
first day outta county damn that made me happy
jump back in it head first like whats happening
pepper boy in the grinder baby get shid crakin
all I know is drugs and more drugs
thugs and mo thugs
wit guns and mo guns
send out that mass text like shid who want some
by the time they text back i bet my day done
go get my hair cut or done then fugg sum'n
go back to the bush with my nigs and go dumb
till i can't stand my brain stuck on numb
pass out wake up do it all again

chorus x2

verse 2
i remember watching Tinman drink till he hurl
Trev in the cut and he fuggin with the girl
tuke rolled up a skimp told him he can keep it
rolled up my own let me tell y'all bout my secret
society no sobriety
but the truth is my real niggas lied to me
i thought it was all about showing love and staying down
fugg that money make the world go round
wu-tang told ya
wyclef told ya
jon oh told ya
wake up and smell the coca
cocaina what's a misdemeanor to a fellon
as long as we make bail we keep on bailing
to the backyard boogie pass the smokes
need much room back up loc
hit it two times then pass it back
now i feeling right watching paper stack


verse 3
you ain't shid if you ain't never thrown a backyard boogie
with the snacks on the grill and yo blunt got cookie
wit the yak on chill you just looking for some pvssy
cause the money already made ni66az chillin word to Pimp C
who got the cups ice
drinking it straight
cause giving it a chase
man that's the shid i dont like
if i die tonight
pfft, that's alright
waited my life just to live this life
gangstas don't dance, we boogie 1,2 step to the right
then i spilled my yak all over my self
get another one like it's running from a fountain
i'm so high i see stone mountain


from Your Favorite Black Guy Album Sampler via BandCamp, track released April 30, 2015
Produced by Sticky Hope



all rights reserved


Jon-Oh?! Charleston, South Carolina

Who is “Jon Oh!”? That’s the question plaguing the underground circuits right now. If you’ve done a little research then you know he’s a very zealous hip hop newbie with a skill set that ranges from backpacking to storytelling; all woven into a melodic yet sporadic type flow, and his eccentricity has
been penetrating the game, “No Condom” style.
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